Wie Geht´s

Composition for choir and string trio 2017

Performance: Musikverein Herbst 2018

Commissioned by the Gegenstimmen Choir Vienna

Gegenstimmen Graffiiti

Ein Programm mit Pieces, Style-Writings, Stencils, Scratschings, Zinken, Etchings, Fill-Ins und Tags aus den großzügigen Wortspenden der Gegenstimmen zusammengestellt


Cd release - May 2015

Porgy & Bess Strenge Kammer

Melissa Coleman & Monika Lang


Hymne Großenzersdorf

Auszeichnung von die Musikuniversität Wien 2016

Composition for choir, rapper soloist, and band

commissioned by Mäzenatentum Association Vienna 2015

(Dr. Irene Suchy - ORF Radio)

and Gymnasium Großenzersdorf N.Österreich.

(Project initiator - Mag. Sabine Rosenkranz Frömmel)

Text by Gecko Art


Chromotopia  - Via Activa 2013

St Stephan´s Dom

A path to 7 stations, each temporarily inhabited by a different female author.

7 Saints in dialogues of licht with 7 female mystics, artists, activists and thinkers.

Hannah Arendt,

Hildegard von Bingen

Waris Dirie

Elfriede Jelinek

Angelika Krauss

Rosa Luxemburg

Edith Stein


Chromophonia St. Stephen's Cathederal Vienna

A spectacular series of live performances with multiple light installations that adapt to the architecture, human sculptures and mathematical symbolism of the cathederal, created by the Viennese light artist Victoria Coeln. A screening surface measuring 7 times 12 meters has been designed to project light images in front of the main Altar and features work by the digital artist Lia. Soundscapes and improvisations are performed by 7 acclaimed musicians positioned individually at different heights and positions within the vast space.

Melissa Coleman - Cello

Ena (Verena Pruka) - Voice

Peter Herbert - Bass

Pamelia Stickney - Theremin

Otto Lechner - Accordeon, Organ

Karl Ritter - Guitar

Ernst Wally - Organ

Light, even sunlight, is just as precious as time. To look at light is to recieve the gift of time. Victoria Coeln May 2012

See Video - Chromotopia 


Film Music for Victoria Coeln

Untragbar - Künstlerhaus Vienna 2011

Chromotopia - St Stephan´s Dom 2013

Licht Formen - shaping light 2013


Film Music for Der lange arm der Kaiserin
(»The long arm of the empress«)

excerpts chosen from CD Coleman & Co / Back Door
Documentary Film by Susanne Riegler 2012
The history of abortion in Österreich.

Commissioned by Johanna Dohnal.



A 12 minute composition commisioned by Colonel Eduard Nagel from the Austrian Armed Forces. »March to Mars« is an unconventional piece including elements of improvisation and body percussion for a large scale military orchestra which was performed at an official ceremony, honouring 100 years of achievements from the Austrian armies Institute for uniforms. The work was composed together with Maria Gstättner and premiered on the 21.6.2013 Arsenal / Brunn am Gebirge.

The project was accompanied and moderated by the Austrian journalist Dr. Irene Suchy. (Mäzenatentum Association Vienna

& ORF Radio)

The composition is documented in the Book

100 Jahre 1913 - 2013,

Vom k.u.k Monturdepot zur Heeresbekleidungsanstalt,

released in June 2013


Smartguide Vienna

(Innovation Award, Tourism 2012)

The ultimate multi-media guide to the UNESCO World Heritage Vienna Inner City!

* 30 points of interest - GPS navigated

* 3 hours of infotainment

* 450 photos and numerous film clips

* 24 music titles

* 10 lanuages

CD Vienna Sounds

Hoanzl Records 2012


Project Xchange 2011/12/13/14/15
Messenger for the large-scale Austrian social project focusing on migration, integration and themes concerning foreigners with the goal of broader public tolerance. School projects alone have involved over 50.000 students since 2003 including 

»A letter to the stars« initiated by Josef Neumayr

and Andreas Kuba. 

Powered by the Austrian Red Cross


Musician for DanceAbility - Battles 2011/12/13
DanceAbility, also called »Contact Improvisation« is improvisations dance for people with different abilities.

In a series of »Battles« which are open public competitions with an international jury, several diverse formations of dancers are judged according to creativity, energy and group dynamic.

An atmosphere of equality is established.

The musicians perform a spontaneous live improvisation accompanying and interacting with the dance ensembles performance.

Musicians: Karl Ritter, Otto Lechner, Peter Herbert


Untragbar - Das Wiener Künstlerhausgschnas
150 Years celebration of Künstlerhaus Vienna 11.11.11

A multimedia public party event drawing together diverse artists from the world of theater, music, dance, light, digital art and video.